About Us

Daniela Rambaldi, born in Italy and raised in the U.S., is the creator of the brands
DARÀ by daniela rambaldi and TRUST THE JOURNEY by daniela rambaldi.

She strongly believes that fashion is all about being true to yourself and clothing the tool to express it. Being that the reason behind her fashion brands, she is committed to designing apparel that embraces her philosophy of everyday living.

About the Brands

DARÀ by daniela rambaldi

The brand DARÀ by daniela rambaldi draws its strength and inspiration from women’s qualities in their everyday multiple roles, making them strong and empowering figures in society.

DARÀ by daniela rambaldi dresses that woman in a classy yet practical way.

TRUST THE JOURNEY by daniela rambaldi

Behind the brand TRUST THE JOURNEY by daniela rambaldi stands a philosophy, life itself is the journey that makes us who we are.

A collection that makes a statement all on its own and for everyone to embrace.

Our Collections

We preferably choose GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified suppliers and offer items produced from organically-grown cotton, meeting the strictest social and environmental standards throughout the complete manufacturing process. When it comes to eco-conscious moms, dads, and mini-mes, Daniela Rambaldi’s brands are always the right choice.

A Flower For Every Woman

Part of the profits from ‘A FLOWER FOR EVERY WOMAN’ collection will be donated to organizations that help and give assistance to women who are victims of violence. Please take a look into their links below:

Maison Antigone

The Social Promotion Association Maison Antigone, founded in June 2017 and based in Albano Laziale, deals with activities to combat violence against women and children, with particular attention to secondary violence, the one acted in institutions (courts, social services, etc.) due to conscious or unconscious cultural prejudices and unscientific theories such as PAS or parental alienation.

The skills offered by the Association consist in the following fields: Legal, psychological, medical-psychiatric, pedagogical, sociological, mediatic, journalistic, artistic and cultural.

The activities shown to date by the Association are:

– Free legal/psychological/medical-psychiatric/pedagogical/sociological/mediatic consulting with opening of physical and web-based counters;

– Legal defense in civil, criminal and canonical matters (with free legal aid where the legal requirements are met) for the benefit of abused women and mothers who have been re-victimized;

– Psychological-psychotherapeutic therapy;

– Party technical consultancy in CTU;

– Mediatic activities (petitions launched on change.org, informative campaigns, articles and interviews, videos, etc.);

– Information activities (via website, social media, Facebook, conferences, seminars, articles);

– Training activities (including also training meetings for forensic orders);

– Training activities for young people (through internship courses carried out with high schools in the Castelli Romani area).

– Consultancy activities aimed at parliamentary questioning, inspections, legislative training (in January 2019 the Association has been audited by the 2nd Senate Justice Committee, regarding ddl. 735 and related on the issue of custody of minors, depositing a report of over 260 pages, viewable on the website of the Senate, our Association is constantly in contact with the Honourable Veronica Giannone for the presentation of parliamentary questions and requests for inspection acts for cases of secondary victimization in the courts against mothers and minors);

– Public presentation of books, aimed at the acquisition of a greater culture and awareness of oneself, society, etc.

The Maison Antigone Association works in synergy with:

– International scientific-academic research centers, international teachers and experts, to deepen the topics of domestic violence and institutional violence (legal harassment) and Parental Alienation.

– Other associations with similar or complementary statutory purposes (mainly international associations)

– Deputies and Senators sensitive to the issue (e.g. Hon. Giannone)

– Other professionals: Lawyers, Jurists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Pedagogists, Journalists (in particular DIRE Press Agency) etc.

– Associations of mothers who are victims of domestic and institutional violence.

All of the above is just a part of all the activities brought out to date.

Avv. Michela Nacca – Ass. Maison Antigone President
Avv. Simona D’Aquilio – Vice President
Maria Grazia De Benedictis – Production Director – Stylist – Treasury


For donations: IT 90 H062 3022 0000 0003 0269 439

La Ginestra

The anti-violence counselling service, La Ginestra, created in 2016 with the motto: “to give a voice to those who can’t speak” is a counselling point which mainly provides specialized help in legal and psychological support for adults, particularly women, victims of maltreatment in the context of an intimate relationship or family relationships (maltreatment by other members of the family) victims of harassment, abuse and sexual violence by strangers or acquaintances.

Currently having two operation centers: one in Diamante (CS) and another one in Santa Maria del Cedro (CS) it has become a landmark for the Northern part of the Calabria region. Many cases have been brought to the attention of the center: not only women who are being monitored in their problematic situations but also legal proceedings for sexual violence and domestic violence closed with exemplary sentences for the guilty and most of all with a new beginning for the victims of abuse which have found not only legal support but also psychological support.  Many awareness campaigns have been organized involving local schools, communities and police; periodical conferences and debates on female abuse have been arranged involving young people to create awareness on this important and sensible issue even by creating flash mobs.

La Ginestra has been, during these years, supported by celebrity endorsement: Alex Britti, Sergio Cammariere, Luigi Parisi, Pino Scaccia, Michele Cucuzza, Daniela Rambaldi, and the actress Annalisa Insardà who has lent her voice and her face for the realization of a touching video ad aired on the local radio and T.V.

Recently the local news, TGR Calabria, described the activities of the counselling center with a television report by the journalist Gabriella D’Atri, gathering a touching testimony of a young woman whose mother had been victim of domestic violence and that only thanks to La Ginestra she was able to: “get out of the hell she was living in”.

La Ginestra and its team have only one goal: to always stand by the side of women to defend them and protect them in the challenging road following abuse and maltreatment episodes.

For donations: IT 89 P076 0116 2000 0103 7792 213


Our oceans are literally drowning in plastic. We’re minimising packaging and saying goodbye to single-use plastic in our supply chain. Rather than a dreaded polybag, your order will arrive in a recycled cotton pouch or recycled material packaging.


Looking after our planet and its people by changing the tide of the fashion industry with sustainable and ethical production practices,we partner with suppliers who are focused on sustainability and ethical practices too. After all, there’s no planet B.

Production according to Demand

In a bid to counter fast fashion, to avoid overproduction, we ONLY produce our styles according to demand.

Returns & Exchanges

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may exchange or return it for store credit ONLY within 30 days of purchase. We will arrange for FREE return.
Your store credit never expires but must be used in its entirety and it’s valid for 1 time use only. It cannot be used with any other discounts. The store credit does not apply towards shipping charges. It is only valid on our products. Please note the following:

  • Items marked FINAL SALE are not eligible for return or exchange.
  • Items purchased during a sale are eligible for exchange of size ONLY, if size is available. If not available, they are non-returnable.
  • Items must be returned unworn, unwashed, undamaged, unused, and with all original tags attached.
  • Store credit will be confirmed after we verify the condition of the item/s returned.